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Bluetech Pvc. Ltd. Sti.


BLUETECH PVC was established in 2022 as the company that produces its ownprofile brand of Mavi Akdeniz Aluminum & PVC, which has been operating in thePVC field since 1985.

Bluetech PVC, which crowns its 40 years of sales experience in PVC with world-class quality in profile production, offers PVC products that increase the productionand efficiency of its customers with extrusion lines, providing economy and time-saving.

In its 30,000 m2 production area, Bluetech PVC combines its advanced technologywith its strong employment structure to produce the most flexible product with themost desired tolerance and strength and aims to become the most preferred brand in Turkey and abroad.

In addition to profile production, Bluetech PVC has an important place in the TurkishMarket & World Market in the production of Ready to Use Door and Windows, producing up to 2.000 window units and up to 1.000 doors per week with more than 50 employees within the area 3,200 square meters.

Our company, which thinks long-term and strategically and prioritizes compliancewith international standards, has determined its vision to move forward not only in ourcountry but also all over the world.

Bluetech PVC, which cares about quality, aesthetics, and elegance; acting with themission of innovative, competitive, dynamic, and customer satisfaction, is committedto ensuring that all those who cooperate with us are proud to work with us based on the win-win principle.

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